DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD captures the life, work and struggle of one of the most original yet under-recognized artists of the 20th century – the writer and painter Mu Xin – and in doing so offers a vivid account of art and its survival against all odds.

Born in 1927 to a wealthy family in the southern Chinese city of Wuzhen, Mu Xin was among the last generation to receive a classical education in the literati tradition. After the Communists came to power, Mu Xin, along with countless other intellectuals and artists, was arrested and sentenced to hard labor.
It was in prison where Mu Xin demonstrated his incredible resolve and commitment to his artistic vision. During the Cultural Revolution he risked his life to write and paint while incarcerated, creating an astonishing body of work that merged East and West, the ancient and the modern, terror and transcendence.

Structured around intimate and revealing conversations with Mu Xin, as well as with renowned artist Chen Danqing, DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD is a rich documentary portrait filmed on location in China and New York by OSCAR® and EMMY® Nominated filmmakers Tim Sternberg and Francisco Bello.

Featuring: Mu Xin, Chen Danqing
Running Time: 35 Minutes
In Chinese with English Subtitles